Amy Jill has been in love with music her whole life. At a young age she moved to St. Louis and performed at many venues including the Robert E. Lee showboat on the Mississippi River. After a brief stint at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA, she moved to Chicago in 1990, where she immersed herself in the music scene of the area. She released her first CD,
Something’s Coming in 2007, and collaborated with a group of the best Chicago area musicians on a holiday CD Snow Snow Snow Snow released in 2009.

With an equally deep passion, Amy began teaching yoga in 2011, and brings creativity and music to her classes in the form of Tibetan bowls, chimes, and gongs along with other instruments and occasional chanting. Essential oil sprays and thoughtful philosophical readings often appear as well.

Her goal is to bring beauty, peace and happiness to her students, family, friends and every situation in life.